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Monday, December 1, 2008

Rhythm of the forest

Title: Rhythm of the forest
Year: 2006
Medium: mix media
Size: 40 x 59cm

When the sun sets, the forest awakes with the most beautiful rhythm. It's amazing to hear the rich symphony of the forest during the night. And when sun rises, the forest dances to a whole new rhythm. The forest is alive! And it inspired me to do this painting.

I did this painting using the combination of candle wax, pastel & watercolour.
Sketching is done with pencil and candle wax on a watercolour paper, then watercolour and pastel are used for painting the artwork.

1 comment:

Trevor Lingard said...

Beautiful work.
I se lots of things in this painting which creates interest.
I see the claw of a bird as well.
Lovely vibrancy.
Best Regards